Version 1.2.131 change logs

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#1 Version 1.2.131 change logs

Beta-Version 1.2.131 is now available for download.

Here's an overview of fixes and added features.


Added features:

- Add parts from catalogue directly from the panel layotu view.

- Use SHIFT to make a multiple cell selection in spredsheet view.

- Allow 'Assign IO' to all components, not just PLC Modules...

Allow for partial views of Layout representations on sheets.

Allow graphical elements not to be printed, but still show on screen.

Performances with large projects improved.

Provide the ability to delete a class setting.

Allow numbering follow-through on entire block.

Take into account cell multi-select whe assigning 'Connected To' to IO.

Allow adding IO symbols on the fly

Possibility to remove revisions from a project (keep the current one only...)

Changing channel type is now be possible

Allow creating part assemblies

Double-clicking in the Explorer should not always trigger a close of the window.

Time machine now deletes archive older than 30 days.

Make 'Explore' on connection always reach the net, even if a Net Branch is associated to the connection.

Allow quantity property tp be equal to 0. (But not less than 0...)

Disable SHIFT key on com port creation in Block Generator

Bridges not drawn when terminal strip layout is split

Elements using sheet numbers in their tag keep original sheet number when copy/paste sheet(s).

Renumbered elements using wrong query to sort; folders are prioritised and they shuoldn't.

Folder table of contents does not list sheets in sub-folder.

Print from print preview creates a blank page

Icon file locked when added from Catalogue tools.

'Name' property definition of 'Connection port group' class must have a priority setting set to 'Context'.

Graphical elements with 'Displayed=FALSE' changes position in treeview.

Review reset of Titleblock coordinate offsets when switching to/from line numbering columns.

Table of content list block not updated in real time when sheets are added to folders

Issue saving rotated symbol

Saving a cable indicator in context should reset any applied rotation prior to saving.

Copy/Paste through click-and-drag from tree view allows even if project is revision locked.

Crash when layout instance selected after canceling line segment creation

SkyCAD loops if default environments path is not a valid one.

Important lag when inserting a drawing object in a layout with many rails containing many items snapped to them.

'Display in catalogue' property not present for cables.

Element name being printed shown instead of total number of sheets printed.


Bugs fixed:

- Fixed 'Value cannot be null' saving bug.

SkyCAD stops rendering sheet when a text with an unexisting font exists.

'Replace connection type' should replace connection even if it is of the same type.

Block generator Relay output icon depicted as in input when IEC library is selected.

IO Channels display IEEE 'Right/Left' info even if working in IEC (Should show 'Top/Bottom')

Net branchs get deleted if the first connection found on net does not have a net branch defined.

Bridge lines not drawn when exporting to DWG

Query cell refresh issue (when 'Allow edit'...)

Renumbering components renumbers terminals even if manually numbered.

Linking two cable indicators sharing the same connection groups may not work if part-number is already assigned.

Thousands separator character may appear in measurement values, which creates an issue when value is modified.

Modified catalogue parts not saved when using 'Save All'

Empty thumbnail after regenerating block

Cross-references not displaying on cable indicator symbols.