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#1 V1.2.112

Version 1.2.112 is now available download.

Here's an overview of fixes and added features.


Added features:

- It is now possible to hide wire color info displayed beside a cable indicator.

- Extended list of location (Location and their sub-locations) now displayed when assigning a component to a location

- Environment structure file automatically restored from Time Machine is error ocurrs loading it.

- 'Tutorial' button added in 'Print' ribbon tab.


Bugs fixed:

Exploding a WorkBlock does not delete the associated component behind.

Text object belonging to a block can be selected at the same time as the block

- In some occasions, saving errors would prevent SkyCAD from opening again.

Status bar cursor coordinates do not display when inserting elements from the library.

Issue on insert image on component's layout when image is not in 'Image' directory

Impossible to uninstall

Folders get moved when renumbering if list block associated to folder is present.

Channels show 'Left/Right' even with IEC (should read 'Top/Down')

Changing value for CatalogueID property breaks the link with the referenced catalogue part.

'Name' property definition of 'Connection port group' class must have a priority setting set to 'Context'.