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#1 V1.2.104

Version 1.2.104 is now available download.

Here's an overview of fixes and added features.


Added features:

- It is now possible to change sheet size.

- Select sheet

- Click 'Home/Change sheet size'.


- Block generator: Generic terminals can now have multiple terminals.

- Hold SHIFT when adding a generic terminal and enter number of terminal to create.

- Multiple terminals are linked together in a Flow Through manner.  (Only for generic terminals.)


- Possibility to create new sheet sizes easily.

- When the list of cheet size is displayed when creating a new sheet:

- Click 'Create/Add' and select 'Create new sheet size'.


- Wire colors list to be used for a cable can now be customised.

- There is now a property on each cable where the name of the wire color list is defined (defaulted to ‘Wire colors’.)  A user can create it’s own list or values and assign it to a specific cable, which will be used to define wire colors/numbers when processing cable wiring.  The user can then save the cable to catalogue.  When he assigns the cable part-number to another cable, the list of values should be the one defined.


- Introduction of the SkyCAD Time machine:

- The last 5 versions of a file are stored in the time machine, provided they were saved at least 8 minutes apart.  No more than 5 versions of a file should be stored. 

- To restore a file:

- Select SkyCAD from the tree view

- Click on the ‘Time machine’ icon, and the explorer pops-up.

- Select the file you wish to restore and click OK.

- A confirmation message will be displayed. 

- Once the restore is done, a message informs the user SkyCAD will have to restart to complete the operation.

- SkyCAD should close and restart automatically.

- When a file being opened turns out to be corrupted for whatever reason, SkyCAD should offer to open the latest archived version if it exists.


- Install now works for multiple Windows users.

- In  the EULA confirmation window (where you must click ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’) a check box was added: ‘Install for all users’


- Row numbers normalising characters can be defined.

- When using line numbering (NFPA), row numbers are prefixed with a '0' for page numbers that are smaller then 10.  (0101, 0102, 0103, etc.)  There is now a new title block property named 'Row normalising character' (defaulted to '0') that can be customised.  If it is empty, row numbers will show as follow: 101, 102, 103, etc.


- Manual terminal numbering

- By default, terminal numbers for terminals in a terminal strip are position numbers. (Terminal position in the terminal strip.)  It is now possible to define a terminal strip to allow its terminals to be numbered.  (Either automatically through renumbering process, or manually.)  A new 'Allow terminal numbering' property added to terminal strips can be checked to allow that. 


- Block generator improvements

- You can now press SHIFT when creating generic terminals (left or right) in order to define several terminals that will all be linked together in a 'Flow through' manner.  (So same as for regular channels, but in a 'Flow through' manner.)

- Newly generated blocks are no longer overwriting existing ones.  An increment is added to their file name if the file already exists, this making sure older blocks that may have been used with other projects remain untouched.


- Title block coordinates Row and Column start number can be customised 

- New title block properties were added: 'Row number start value' and 'Column number start value'.  These are taken into consideration only for numerical numbering type.  (Alphabetical starts systematically at 'A')


- New title block system attributes added: 'Next sheet number' and 'Previous sheet number'

- 'Single line diagram' library folder added.

Bugs fixed:

Cashed query results not sorted.

Unnecessary explorer display on location symbole copy/paste.

Quantity is doubled when symbol associated to part has same file name (part-number).

Selection area issue on rotate graphical block (area tested does not include rotation).

Allow SkyCadLocation's Displayed label to include parent location's Displayed label.

Numbering formats checkboxes show raw values ('TRUE' or 'FALSE') instead of checkboxes.

Copy/Cut/Paste of folder does not trigger WorkObject coherence process.

NOTE: Partly fixed.  Folders/sheets containing terminal strip layouts, list blocks or layouts still show issues.

Equivalent part numbers from different classes do not add-up in the GetQuantity query.

Can't select multiple texts that belong to different blocks.

Login window disappears if minimised

Order number prefix not reset in cash after change.

Can't change associated location to location symbol.

Terminals order wrong (sometimes) after group pasting.

Item being evaluated has being 'under mouse cursor' even though object is selected and being moved.

Library not saved during Auto-save and 'Save All' command.

Drawing line width does not take into account scaling for layout representations.

Preview does not always show selected element picture.

All split list block from group are not reset after additional split

- Improved performances