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#1 Get flying

Here is a list of tutorials that cover higher end features, as well as customisation.

If you hadn't done so already, we suggest you start with the 'Get started' and 'Get better' lists of tutorials.


Customising SkyCAD

- Drawing tools overview

Creating/modifying symbols and blocks

- Showing component properties around a symbol

- Creating and modifying catalogue parts 

- Catalogue tools

Making graphical groupings

Block Generator

- Customising the Block Generator

- Creating a new title block

- Creating new connection types

- Numbering settings

- Numbering format settings

- Assiging a numbering format to a class

- Changing units displayed

Exporting tools

Exporting a project to DWG or DXF

Importing your I/O list from Excel

Exporting parts-list, BOMs and other reports to Excel

- Packaging a project


- Revision control

- How to back-up your SkyCAD environment

- Sharing your environment amongst several users and colleagues

How to share your license(s) with other SkyCAD users.

- Changing active symbol library

Displaying which version of SkyCAD Electrical you're using


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