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OK, as you probably know by now, I'm a green horn. I seem to struggle with wire numbers. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong to make the + and - of power supply 1 and the -24 from PS2 to insist on the wire numbers being the same. In this case they're the number 4. I can change any of the three and that new number will follow to all three wires as shown here. I deleted the wires and reinstalled them, deleted the wire numbers from the connection list, deleted the OPR's but these three insist on being the same. Appreciate the help. Matt



Thanks for posting on the forum.

This is strange, but not impossibe depending on different setting values.

In order to understand what's going on, we would need you to make a ZIP of your environment folder and attach it to a forum reply.  This tutorial about backing-up your environment will indicate which folder we need you to ZIP.  (Note: only you and the SkyCAD staff will have access to your environment file.  All other users won't even be able to see the file.)

We will look at this as soon as we get your environment.