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#1 Wire numbering by page

(This post was initiated by Arnaud.duguay from another topic.)

Hi Team, 

I have to number my wires that way: XX-YY

'' XX '' Will be my page number.

'' YY '' Will be an incremental number starting to 0 at each page.

Thanks for helping me with that,

Arnaud D.

You will need to create a numbering format.

Thanks for posting on the forum!

You can achieve this by first creating a numbering format, and then assigning it to the proper class ('Control' or 'Power' connections, or both, depending on what you need...)

Let's first define the Numbering format so that it behaves as you specified.

- Start by selecting 'SkyCAD' in the tree view, then click 'Show/Environments'.  An item named 'Standard Environment' should appear in the tree view.


- Select 'Standard Environment', and click 'Show/Numbnering formats'


- While 'Standard Environment' is still selected, click the 'Create/Add' tab, and choose 'Create numbering format'


- In the dialog box displayed, type in 'Wire numbering by page'


- Once you click OK, your new numbering format should appear at the bottom of the list.


- Expand the properties of your new numbering format, and fill in the settings as followed:

Value: <r:GetFirstConnection.Sheet(Format:00)> - <#>
Uniqueness scope: Global
Type: Numerical
Start value: 0
Order number format : 00
(The rest of the settings can remain unchanged...)

NOTE: Once you will have entered the value, you may see a 'ERROR No such query' displayed in there.  You can ignore it...


Now that your numbering format is created, we need to assign it to the proper class.  To do so:

- Select 'Standard Environment' in the tree view, and then 'Show/ClassList'


- Reach the 'Control' class, and select it.


- While the 'Control' class is selected, click on the 'Home' tab, and select 'Set numbering format'


- From the displayed list of numbering formats, select your new numbering format, and click OK.

At this point,, if you run renumbering, you should see all you control wires numbered according to your specifications.  If you wish to have power connections numbered in the same way, simply assign the same numbering format to the 'Power' class.

Let us know if this was helpful!





I tried it but it's not working. My wires are still numbering 1 to X...

Also, for the power I wish to have: L1-X, L2-X, L3-X.

X: incremental number

Are you able t help me with that?

Thank you,


Hmmm, it works for us.

I tried it but it's not working. My wires are still numbering 1 to X...

We tested it and it seems to be working fine on our end.  Can you double-check if you properly went through the last step, which is to assign the newly created numbering format to the 'Control' class?  (Reach the 'control' class, as it is described in the initial post, and click 'Show/Assigned numbering format')  Please upload the screenshot of what you will get on screen.

Also, for the power I wish to have: L1-X, L2-X, L3-X.

It is not possible with the current version.


Thanks for the answer.

Thanks for the answer.


Theses are my capture.


Thanks for getting back to us.

According to the screenshot you posted, all seems to be properly set-up.  The other potential explanation is that the connection you are using is associated to a different class than the 'Control' class.  Let's verify that:

- From a sheet where you inserted a connection, right-click on the connection, and select 'Explore connection'

- In the dialogue box displayed, what is the value in the 'Net class' property?  Does it say, 'Control', or something else?

Please get back to us with this information when you have a few minutes.

It's written ''Control''.

It's written ''Control''.



Arnaud D.


This is strange as all seems to be properly set, and it still doesn't behave as it is suppose to!

Let us try to figure this out and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!

We'll need a package of your project...

We still can not reproduce the issue you are having.  Could you upload a package of your project?

Thanks in advance!

There it is.

There it is.

Thank you,

Arnaud D.

The package is incomplete...

Thanks for uploading the package, but unfortunately it seems an issue occurred during packaging, resulting in an incomplete package that cannot be opened.

We'll contact you directly to try to resolve this issue.

Any resolution to this issue?

Any resolution to this issue?  We will likely be wanting to create a custom wire numbering format soon and would like to know if there are any bugs with this feature still.

There is no bug!

Thanks for posting on the forum!

Yes, the issue is resolved.  It was sort of a facepalm moment when we discovered what was going on.  There is now an additionnal method to specify a numbering format to a class, which is in relation with the library used.  So if you create a new numbering format, you must assign it to the class through a library setting.  

We will update this forum topic with an step-by-step method shorty.  

Stay tuned!

A little update...

The current version (V1.2.41) was modified so that the step-by-step method described in post #2 will work without issue.

Thanks for your patience!

Is it posible to something

Is it posible to do something similar except XX will be per location?

I've added a "Code" property to the location class to use as source for XX

Will any solution be able to handle sub-locations?

My use case is for different buckets in a MCC, with each bucket a different location and possibly chassis and door sub-locations.


To be sure we clearly understand your requirement, please provide an example/some examples of what your desired full wire numbers would be.

Thank you.

Hi Jeff

Hi Jeff

Similar to these examples:

I should add I'd also like the components to have the prefix
We'll have a look and get back to you shortly.

Thanks for that.

We'll get back to you shortly with instructions.

Here's how to achieve your component numbering

To get your component numbering as you wish, follow this tutorial to create a new numbering format and assign it to the Component class.

The numbering format Value should be:


The other numbering format settings should look like this:

Now, for example, if you enter 'AA' in the Code property of a location, then run Renumber Components, a contactor located in that location should be numbered AA-KM1 automatically.

About your desired wire numbering, this is a little more tricky. If you run a wire from cubicle AA to AB, what would you want that wire to be numbered? Or is that not a realistic scenario that could take place? (It looks like you only want that numbering format for control wiring, not power wiring.)

Please let us know.