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#1 Wire Number Font size

Where can the wire number font size be changed?

It's in the connection symbol.

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Text properties are stored within the connection symbol.  Follow these steps to change them:

- Click to select a connection symbol from the library


- Once the connection is selected, click the 'Open block' button from the 'Home' tab.


- From the tree view on the left, select the element displayed (in this example, 'Control connection') and click on 'Show/Graphical sub-elements'


- Amongst the elements displayed, you should see two line segments, and a text object.


- Expand the properties for the text, and change whichever property you wish (such as size...)

- Once your are done, click to select the connection elemement in the tree view (in our example, 'Control connection') and click the 'Close' button from the 'Home' tab.


At this point, your modifications were saved.  If you close and re-open the project, all connections of the same type will show text according to the latest changes you did.  You will need to follow the same steps  for all the different connection types you are using so that all wire numbers are displayed with the same size.

Let us know if that was helpful!

It change only in one

It change only in one location but not on all. attached picture shaws more details. I have same wire number with different font size. Not even getting effect on different page where I have same wire number

Appreciate your feedback


A couple of questions...

- Just to make sure, have you closed and reopened you project?

- Are you certain this wires use the same connection symbol?  (Right-click on connection and choose 'Explore connection'.  Is the 'Name' is the same in both cases?)


i did try to close and open

i did try to close and open but did not work

I attached snap shot of one cable below. It looks like the same, "Control Connection"

We're looking into it...

Thanks for uploading your project!  We're looking int it and will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your patience!


We modified the proceedure...

We have slightly modified the proceedure explained in post #2, in answer to the original post.  If you go through it, it should work better.

Let us know if it worked for you!