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Hi All,

I have generated a graphical block for a network switch using existing components from the library and drawing tools and connected the points using Connection component (Just for power wires). When I try to generate the wire list it seems to be incomplete and does not display the source and destination for the custom graphical block. However, the wire list has wire from the components from the library and cable list is fine as well. I have tried changing the connection properties to have a unique name and still does not make  it to the list. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance

We'll need a package of your project.

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Could you make a package of your project and attach it to a reply?  (Note: only you and the SkyCAD Staff will have access to your packaged project.  All other users won't even be able to see it.)

We'll look at this as soon as we get you packaged project.

Sure thing.

Sure thing.

Please note that I am very new to SkyCAD and could be doing things wrong

Try running wire processing/renumbering

Thanks for uploading your packaed project.

We see two potential reasons that might explain why you're wires do not show the proper information.

- You should use oriented connectionsThis tutorial should help you with that.

- Once oriented connections are defined, you should run wire processing/renumbering (under the 'Renumbering process' tab) to make sure all wires are properly created and associated to connections.

Let us know if it works out.





Wire renumbering option seems to have helped fix the issue.


Thank you so much


Thanks for taking the time to let us know it worked out.