Wire labeling - vertical alignment

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#1 Wire labeling - vertical alignment

Hi there, I got an odd wire labeling issue. All these connections are the same and on IO connections. Ports 3 and 4 here are messed up. It uses the labeling format we developed in a previous forum post. What could be causing this vertical alignment? Is it because I have an IO port on both sides of the wire?



It looks like your connection text is set to 'word wrap'

Thanks for posting on the forum.

It looks like your connection text is set to 'word wrap'.

- Select a connection with the text that looks vertical, and click 'Home/Open block'

- From the tree view, make sure the connection is selected in the tree view and click 'Show/Graphical sub-elements'

- Select the first text that is displayed.

- Make sure 'Text style/Word wrap' is not activated.

- Close and save the connection.

Now if you close and start SkyCAD again, all should look normal.

Let us know if it works out.