Where can I go to edit the properties of the title block?

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#1 Where can I go to edit the properties of the title block?

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I entered my info for the title block, but the image I imported turned out to be too small. Where can I go to edit the properties of the title block?

Thank you. I just started toying with the software and so far I love it! Great job!

Follow these steps.

Thanks for posting on the forum!

The title block is a graphical block that can be edited just as a regular symbol.  To do so:

- Make sure a sheet is open

- Click on the title block area to select it.


- While the title block is selected, click on the 'Open block' button from the 'Home' tab.


- The title block is opened in edition mode.


At that point, you should be able to fine tune it, such as stretching the logo, and reorganising the company information (which you will probably have to do if you change the logo size…)

Once you're done, close the title block and confirm Save. Since you are saving a block, SkyCAD will ask you to specify in which folder you wish to store it.  You can simply click 'Cancel' on this window, as you don’t need to store the title block in any folder. 

We suggest you review the 'Drawing tools overview' tutorial to help you modifying your title block.

NOTE: Title blocks are a bit complex blocks for which we plan to come up with a wizard to help users create/modify it, specially with regards to the different text queries.

Awesome, Thank you.

Awesome, Thank you.

You're welcome!

Glad we could help!  Feel free to post again if you need further information!

A little update...

Title block tools have been added in SkyCAD's current version (V1.2.41), which allows to easily create your own title block.

The tutorial about Title block tools can be found here and you can download the latest version here.

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Found what I needed on another post thanks.