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Is there a way to quickly update a component to reflect changes made to it in the block editor? I find I can update one component but the changes don't propagate to other components of the same type unless I delete them and re-insert them.

It depends...

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It depends on the type of element you are modifying.

- If you modify a catalogue part or a simple symbol/block (not one that came out of the block generator), closing and reopening your project will apply the modification everywhere the part/symbol is used.

- If you modify a block through the block generator, than the process will recreate a new block rather than modify the existing one.  In this case you have no choice but to reinsert the block.

Good to know! It might be

Good to know! It might be nice to have a button or something that has the same effect as closing and re-opening the project in the future, but that should work well enough for now.