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I made a PLC while following along to the block tutorial, and when trying to insert it into my drawing I'm met with the message in the attached screen shot. Following that, a SkyCAD explorer window opens with basic project properties-- regardless of confirming or canceling that window, the symbol clears itself from my drawing. FWIW, it's a PLC with 26 terminals, and I put it on one symbol.

Any help with clearing this up would be appreciated


Oh! One more thing

Just an observation when inputing terminal data:

It would be really nice to be able to navigate the table with tab & return keys rather than only directional arrows, similar to excel

It seems you've created a PLC Module...

From what your screen shot tells us, it seems you have not created a PLC, but rather a PLC module.  And indeed, a PLC Module must be assigned to a PLC. 

We suggest you recreate your PLC, but just make sure to select the PLC class, and not PLC Module (which includes specialised modules, such as DI, DO, AI and AO module classes.)

Let us know if this resolves your issue.

As for your suggestion for navigation within the grid, it is plan to be implemented shortly.  Thanks for suggesting it.

I just finished the "Using

I just finished the "Using PLCs" tutorial, and It seems I'm unable to make a PLC. When clicking the 'New PLC' icon in the 'Create/Add' tab, nothing happens. Additionally, when clicking 'New PLC' in the 'Create/Add' tab in the project tree's RMB menu, nothing happens as well. 

Check the query...

That's weird...

Try this:

- Select your project in the tree view

- Click the show tab, than PLCs.

Can you see any PLC in there?  

I just went back to the Block

I just went back to the Block Generator tutorial and realized I don't have a PLC category in my component tree.

I clicked PLCs in the show

I clicked PLCs in the show tab, and nothing happened-- tree view unchanged.

I re-installed SkyCAD, and

I re-installed SkyCAD, and now I have a PLC option. Things should be good now


Big oops moment here!  

It seems your PLC class got somehow inadvertedly deleted!  The fault is on our side as this class should have been defined as a system object, which can not be deleted.  (You can recognise system objects by the small blue dot beside their tree view icon...)

Here's how you can fix this:

- Close SkyCAD

- Copy the attached file within the directory 'C:\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\'   (You should find a file with the same name in there.  You want to overwrite it...)

- Start back SkyCAD.

This should get your PLC Class back up, but you must know that if you created any new class (using the Catalogue tools, for example), you will loose them.

Let us know how that went once you are done!


Glad you got back on your feet!

Ok, good!

That said, we created a ticket for this issue.  We have to take care of that!

Thanks for finding this one!

Well, user error might be a

Well, user error might be a possibility. Just noticed the categories can be deleted with the RMB (I created a generic subclass just to delete it; there wasn't a warning to delete message, which is usually helpful). While delete-ability might be useful for someone looking to prune their menu-- instead of poofing it out of existence, could SkyCAD just send the category to some sort of retrievable purgatory?

Fixed in the next release.

We have modified our current in-dev version so that the PLC Class (along side with other classes...) is now a 'System' object, thus can not be deleted.

In addition, we have added a confirmation message when a request to delete a class occurs.

This will be available for the next release.

Again, thanks for informing us about this!

This is now available in version 1.1.19.


This is to let you know version 1.1.19, now available for download,  now properly handles this situation.  Not only the PLC class can not be deleted, but trying to delete any other class will prompt a confirmation message first.