Unable to create wires / wire catalogue / wire list

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#1 Unable to create wires / wire catalogue / wire list

I am having difficulty creating physical wires which I can select from the catalogue - Eg. specific wire from the selection of Manufacturer / AWG / Colour / Etc.

I can create connections no problem but unable to assign physical wire to these connections. The out of box connections POWER and CONTROL don't appear to allow assignment of wire from the Catalogue (which is likely empty anyway) and no means to add wire into the catalogue.

Wire list remains empty even though there are numerous wire and cable connections.

Is there a tutorial or forum post that clearly decsribes how to work with wires / create catalogue parts / appear in wire list?





Thanks for posting on the forum.

Wires are only partly functional in the current version.  But we are just finalising a beta-version where wire processing is fully functional.  

We'll get in touch with you directly by email to offer more information and see if using the beta-version would be a good fit.

You should hear from us within the next day.

Thanks for your patience!

Please note we've reached out

Please note we've reached out to you via email.

wire Lists

My wire list remains empty.  Cable list is OK, Connection Nets is OK

Any assistance please?

Chris D.

Please try this:
Please try this:
  1. Right-click on each of your connection symbols in the symbol library you want SkyCAD to recognize as a single wire, then choose Open Block
  2. Expand the properties of the connection in the tree view, then double-click on the Net Branch Class property, choose Single Wire and click OK
  3. Close and Save the connection
  4. Do this for all the connection symbols in the library that you want SkyCAD to recognize as a single wire
  5. Close and re-open SkyCAD to update all these connections already inserted onto sheets
  6. Run Renumber Wires
At this point, you should have results in your wire list.
Please let us know if this helps.
Many Thanks Jeff,  Seems to

Many Thanks Jeff,  Seems to work but still understanding what the list is telling me.  


Thanks for letting us know that helped.

but still understanding what the list is telling me.  
The wire list is simply a list of each wire in the project.
It can be exported to Excel, in order to send to your wire label printer to print all your wire labels.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here is the tutorial about single wires and wire lists.

Please let us know if that helps.

The wire list shows   W21 

The wire list shows   W21  being a single wire from K5-2 to K6-2 on Sheet 1. When I look on Sheet 1 at that location the wire is numbered 11

Net number vs wire number

There is a difference between the wire number and the net number.

What you're seeing on the sheet (11) is the net number.
W21 is the wire number.

A better example is a case where you multiple wires on the same net.
Let's imagine you have 24V being distributed to many components. You might make it so 24V shows on the connections on the sheet.
In this case, the net is 24V.
However, there are many wires on that net, and each wire carries it own unique wire number (W_).

Does that make sense?