Therminals Blocs Identification

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#1 Therminals Blocs Identification  [ Closed ]

We dont see the TB identification associated to the therminal bloc on draw. We see many therminal block with same name who have different TB association.  

This seems to be a bug!

Thanks for sharing this with us.

After further investigation, it seems this is the result of a bug!  Your terminal symbols all have the proper text in the symbol, but the query defined in the text no longer returns any value for terminal strips.

As you can see at the top of the original post, a ticket was created with regards to this issue. We'll keep you updated when we'll know when this issue will be fixed.

Once you will install the version for which this issue will be fixed, you will see terminal strip name back on all previous projects.

This is now fix on version 1.1.19


This is to let you know version 1.1.9, now available for download, fixes this issue.