Terminal Strip Wire Number Replacement

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#1 Terminal Strip Wire Number Replacement

Is there a way to change the default behaviour of showing wire numbers on terminal blocks?  I understand that they can be overwritten with the 'Label Exterior Side' and the 'Label Interior Side'.  I would like to still have the ability to show custom text there, but generally don't want the wire number shown on the terminal block.  My current work-around is to enter a '-' character in the exterior/interior label columns.

Is there a way to include the attached fuse size for a fused terminal block in place of the wire number?  I'm currently adding the fuse size to the interior label.   Here's what I'd like it to look like (without the '-' characters). 

It may be possible

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To make sure we understand what you're looking for, please confirm if we understand correctly.
You want that text to display the fuse current, if that terminal has a fuse.
If the terminal is not a fuse terminal, then you don't want anything displayed.
In either case, you still want the ability to manually enter something in the 'Label Exterior Side' and the 'Label Interior Side' columns to overwrite whatever is (or isn't) there.

Is that correct?

That is correct.

That is correct.


Thanks for clarifying.

Please give us some time to try this.


We managed to achieve exactly that. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Close SkyCAD if you have it open
  2. Move the attached file to the following location (replacing the existing file):
    "SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\SkyCad specific Classes\Graphical Element\graphical object\graphical block\List item\Terminal list item\OneLevelTerminalItemV2.SkyCadFile"
  3. Open SkyCAD and your terminal strip layouts should already behave that way

Please let us know if this helps.

Note: if you want that behaviour for stacked terminals too, just let us know.

That does just what I need. 

That does just what I need.  Thank you!


Thanks for letting us know.