Terminal Block without drawing entire schematic?

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#1 Terminal Block without drawing entire schematic?

Is there a way to draw ONLY a terminal block layout? A customer is asking for a print of just the terminal blocks (2)in their panel and have the wires shown leaving the terminal blocks labeled with the destination of the wire (ex: 110VAC to cooling fan). Hope i explained well enough. Thank you

Yes, you can.

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Yes you can achieve this, albeit the connectifity information will need to be added manually on the sheet where you layout your terminal strip. 

- Select your project from the tree view, and click on the 'Create/Add' tab, and select 'Add Terminal strip'.

- Once your terminal strip is created, select it from the tree view and click 'Show/Single level view'

- Then you can proceed by adding terminals, end blocs and seprators as you see please, as we as reorder them, as it is decribed in the terminal srip tutorial. (Fast forward to 8min25sec.)

- Once your terminal strip is layed out on a sheet, simply add as plain texts the connectivity information you wish to specifiy.


Let us know if that answers your question!