Terminal Block With Attached Connector

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#1 Terminal Block With Attached Connector

Here is something I'd like to ask the experts. How can I deal with a terminal block that has an attached connector ? In particulalar a Wago 2022-1201 or even a multi pin multi connector 2022-1401. A terminal block would have an associated plug 2022-101. I'd like the connector to be a part of the BOM too I am thinking adding it as a connector or an accessory to the terminal block but just wanted to get the Skycad blessing.

Use terminal accessories

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The best way to achieve this is to define an accessory to the terminal (the accessory being the connector part.)  When you save the terminal part to catalogue while the connector accessory is defined, it will be part of the catalogue item, and will come with it everytime you assign that terminal part-number.  And thus, it will be listed separately in the BOM.

Let us know if that makes sense.


Thanks makes sense


Thanks for taking the time to let us know its clear!