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#1 Table for Drive Parameters

I know that this is probably a fishing expedition.

Has anyone developed a table for displaying the VFD Drive Parameters?

Here is an example of the table we create for our VFD sheets. (This currently is being done by hand so I thought I would take advantage of the change and see if I could somehow automate it.)

What I am thinking about is adding several properties representing the Parameters that we typically change to the VFD Component.

I would then create a symbol that would display all of these in a table format to be added to the VFD page.

Now before I build this symbol, is there a way to display this with a list?

Stay tuned!

Thanks for posting on the forum.

There is actually a much more complete way of achieving this, but it is not through adding properties to Drives.

We’ll get back to you shortly once we've tested our idea.

Ok, here we go!

Ok, this rather long reply should show you how to get the results you are after, as well as getting a glance of SkyCAD's flexibility with regards to its high-level customization tools.

First, start by downloading the attached file (at the very bottom of this reply), and extract its content into the ‘Icons’ directory of the environment.  If you use the default installation settings, if should reside under C:\SkyCAD Environments\Standard environment\Icons\.

If SkyCAD is running while you do this, make sure to close and reopen it after the icon files are extracted, so that they will be taken into consideration.

What we are about to show you consists in three main steps:

1)  Creating a new class named ‘Drive parameter’ and properly setting it up.

2)  Defining a 'tree view query' (Also called 'Explorer query') associated to the Drive class, allowing to display a drive’s parameters.

3)  Create a ‘Composition rule’ associated to the Drive class, allowing to create Drive parameters.  


1- Creating a ‘Drive parameter’ class.

Creating a class is usually done through the Catalogue tools.  But classes created this way are always created as sub-classes of the ‘Component’ class.  This time we don't want to create a new component category, but simply another type of abstract object class.  So we want to create our new class as a sub-class of the ‘Work field classes’ class.  To do this:

-    Select SkyCAD, and click ‘Show/environments

-    Select ‘Standard environment’ and click ‘Show/ClassList

-    Select the ‘Work field classes’, and go to the ‘Create/Add’ tab, and click ‘Create sub-class

-    Enter ‘Drive parameter’ as the name, and click OK.

Now that your class is created, we’ll switch to the Catalogue tools view to have access to these tools.

-    Click the 'Catalogue tools' tab.

-    Click ‘Open class’, select the ‘Drive parameter’ class you just created, and click OK.

Now we’ll need to start by adding specific settings which will allow the drive parameter object to get a default number when they get created, as well as other behavior we need to to get.

-    Make sure the ‘Drive parameter’ class is selected at the top of the view tab, reach the 'Create/Add’ tab, and click ‘Add setting

-    From the displayed list, choose ‘ID Property’ and click OK

-    Repeat the process to add the ‘Control uniqueness’ and ‘Allow save’ settings.

-    Fill the values for the following newly added settings:

-    ID Property: Number (You will need to type in it manually as it won't appear in the list of values...)

-    Control uniqueness: Checked

-    Allow save: Unchecked

-    Now from the ‘Catalogue tools’ tab, click ‘Create property definition’, and enter ‘Number’ when asked for a property definition name.

-    Repeat the process to add the ‘Name’ and ‘Value’ property definitions.

-    Click ‘Define class icon’ and choose the ‘DriveParameterIcon.png’ file that was previously extracted to the Icons folder.

-    Lastly, make sure the class is selected at the top of the view tab, and click ‘Home/Set numbering format’, and choose the ‘Standard basic numbering format’.

At this point the Drive parameter class is properly setup.  That said, we still need to define the tree view query that allow to show them in a list view, and the composition rule that will give you the ability to create them when a drive is selected.


2- Create a new tree view query

At this point, on the main tree view on the left, you should still have the list of classes displayed.

-    Reach the ‘Drive’ class, and click ‘Show/Explorer queries

-    Normally the Drive class is displayed on a new tab, probably with nothing showing as there are no specific tree view queries assigned to the Drive class yet.

-    Reach the ‘Create/Add’ tab and click ‘Create treeview query’, and enter ‘Drive parameters’ as a name.

-    At this point you should see a new line appear, albeit with empty fields.

-    Fill the following values in:

-    Description: Displays drive parameters of selected drive.

-    Query: GetWorkObjects(Class:"Drive parameter")

-    Icon: DriveParameterLarge.png

-    Ribbon tab: Show

-    Ribbon tab section: General

-    Show as Grid: Checked

-    Expand tree: Unchecked

At this point your new tree view query is done and ready to be used.  The last thing to do is to setup SkyCAD so you can add new parameters to drives.


3- Creating a new Composition rule for Drive parameter creation.

While your Drive class is shown, make sure it is selected at the top of the view tab, and click ‘Show/Composition rules’.  Again, nothing seems to show because there are no composition rules yet.  Lets create one now:

-    Reach the ‘Create/Add’ tab and click ‘Create composition rule

-    Select the ‘Drive parameter’ class from the displayed list.

-    Your composition rule is now created, but again some values must be defined:

-    Editor query: Drive parameters

-    Icon: AddDriveParameter.png

-    Allow user creation: Checked

-    Ribbon tab: Create/Add

-    Ribbon tab section: Item creation

-    Disallow as child: Unchecked

-    Hidden: Unchecked

At this point you are all set to add parameters to drives!

Here’s how to do it.

-    Open a project (that has a drive in it) and click ‘Show/Components

-    Select a drive, reach the ‘Create/Add’ tab and click ‘New Drive parameter

-    A new parameter line should appear in its own new tab, numbered ‘1

-    You will see that all its properties appear as grid columns.  One by one, select the column header you wish to hide, and click ‘Home/Hide column’.  (Probably only leaving the three you created, 'Number', 'Name', and 'Value'.)   You can also reorder them using the arrows in the ‘Home’ tab while a column is selected.

-    You can select your drive at the top of the view tab, and reach back the 'Create/Add' tab to add new parameters.  (Hint: you can hold the CTRL key down while clicking the 'Add Drive parameters' button to enter a number of parameters you wish to add all at once.)

-    Once your parameters are created, you can display the list block just like any list, by clicking ‘Home/Insert list block

-    If you select the Drive from the tree view and click 'Save' the parameters will be stored in the catalogue part, thus will automatically come with that drive part number everytime you select it when using the 'Assign from catalogue' feature.


Lastly, you may not like the icons we defined for drive parameters.  Feel free to make your own!

Let us know if this works out!

To all involved

This is fantastic. It is exactly what I was looking for and your step by step was perfect.

One thing: In step 2, the Expand Tree field was not an option.

I am very impressed with the level of customizability that this software has to offer.

You have now given me new things to think about....


We're sure glad to know you like this!

One thing: In step 2, the Expand Tree field was not an option.

Yeah, thanks for letting us know.  We're not sure why but in one case when we went through the steps, we got that setting, and in other times not...  We'll check out why, as it should appear (it is usefull for other types of tree view queries...)

On a side note, we think the same concept can be applied for your other request about IP addresses.  Let us know if we're right, or if we might have misunderstood what you wanted.

I am very impressed with the level of customizability that this software has to offer.

You have now given me new things to think about....

Music to our ears!

Is this possible?

I need to provide a list of IP Addresses from different devices. Some will have 1 parameter for the IP; others will have to built from other parameters.

For example, the Powerflex 525 drive will have 4 parameters (#s 129, 130, 131, 132) for the IP and 4 (#s 133, 134, 135, 136) for the Subnetmask.

A PLC or Safety module will only have 1 for the IP and 1 for the Subnet Mask.

Would I want to develop a query that would "join" the 4 parameters in the Drive into a different parameter that is part of the Drive class and not part of the Drive Parameter class that would match the same name as the one I would use for a PLC?

I then need a List that displays only the IP addresses/Subnet Masks of all the components of the system.

Is this possible?

No problem.

Sure, that's possible.  

You would need to define the 'IP Address' class in the same way as described for 'Drive parameter', as well as the 'Composition rule' (we suggest to do this at the 'Component' class level, thus making all sub-classes on the Component class being able to carry 'IP Address' objects...)

Would I want to develop a query that would "join" the 4 parameters in the Drive into a different parameter that is part of the Drive class and not part of the Drive Parameter class that would match the same name as the one I would use for a PLC?

The query would be at the project level (so create a tree view query for the 'Project' class), where the query would look something like this:

GetAllWorkObjects.GetWorkObjects(Class:"IP Address")

This should give you the list of all IP addresses of all elements of your project carrying an IP address object.  If you add a 'Owner' property to your IP Address class, and set its 'Initial value' to:


then you will be able to display a column showing to which elements each IP address belongs.

Let us know if that makes sense!



Thanks for the suggestion.

I will have to experiment with this and get back to you.



I will have to experiment with this and get back to you.

Please don't hesiate if you have any questions.  We understand this part of SkyCAD's customisation possibilities is not yet well documented, so don't spend too much time searching the forum about it.


I think I am close....

I think I am close....

I can get the IP list to appear for each individual component but not for the project.

The Component Explorer Query: GetWorkObjects(Class:"ENET Parameters")

The Project Explorer Query: GetAllWorkObjects.GetWorkObjects(Class:"ENET Parameters")

I have the proper Icon show up in each "Show" tab.

The First image is for the Drive and second on is for the Project.

Any Clues???


Thanks for getting back to us.

Let us check this out and get back to you.  Maybe we misslead you with the exact query syntax to use...


Ok, got it.

As we thought, we made a syntax mistake on the suggested query.  This is what it should have been stating:

GetAllWorkObjects(Class:Component).GetWorkObjects(Class:"ENET Parameters")

The 'GetAllWorkObjects' query must have a 'Class' parameter defined.  

Sorry about this!

That did the trick. Thanks!

That did the trick. Thanks!


Awesome!  Thanks for letting is know it worked out.

Something got broken

I am no longer able to create the List block for the Drive Parameters. I can see them in the Drive's properties but it is no longer accessible from Home.

If I Explore the Drive and go to the Show tab, I see the PLC Parameters Icon and when I click on it, the parameters that I added show up. If I Click Create/Add the icon is there as well and I can add a new Parameter. I just cannot create a List Block if the drive is selected. I went back and double checked al lteh information published earlier and everything appears to be okay so I am unsure of why I cannot see the List block now.

The image attached shows the home tab with the Drive selected.

ENET Parameters is still working.

The only thing I did recently was buy the Advanced upgrade and change the width of the Drive Templates box.


That's a bit odd.  Upgrading to the 'Advanced' license should not trigger such a behavior, of course.

It looks like a setting from teh library got lost.  It happened a couple of times to other users, and we have yet to reproduce it (thus it is hard to fix....)

Try to apply the steps described in this topic reply (and the following) to get your setting back in place.

Let us know if it works out!

That did not work.

I followed what was on the other reply and when I got to the List Block, there already was an association there. I deleted it and pasted the copied one back in. No change. I do see a list block for other things. Just not the Drive Parameter class that I created. I did see this List block appear shortly after I created the Class so I know it did work at one time.

One other thing I did was create a new folder in 

<your environments path>\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\SkyCad specific Classes\Graphical Element\graphical object\graphical block\

called Wire Labels to hold the New Wire Label symbols (was formerly WireInfo) I had created.

I do not think this should have broken anything just letting you know.

Drive Explorer Properties

Here are the Drive Explorer Properties.



Well, it's a good news that the 'Main block' file is still there in the library settings.  Although this means we still don't understand why you can't insert list blocks for this particular query...

Could you attach to a reply the file named 'EnvironmentStructure.SkyCadFile', which should be located in <your environment folder>\Standard environment\'..?  (No need to upload the entire zipped environment folder...)

With this file on hand, we should be able to understand what's going on...

(And thanks for posting the query properties, but all seems normal to us...)

Sure thing

Here you go.


Thanks for uploading your file.

Naturally, it works fine on our end!

One thing we might not have understood at first, you say the actual button is not shown at all under the 'Home' tab when the Drive parameter list is displayed for a given drive?  Or is it that it is available, but nothing happens if you click on it?

Check post #15

In there is an image of the Home Tab while the drive is selected.

As you can see, the Drive Parameters button is not available and neither is the List Blocks button.

There is no "Show" available either which is where I would have thought hte Drive Parameter button would be located.

Ah, Ok!

Sorry it took us a while, but now we believe we understand.

- The 'Home/List block' button is only displayed when there is an actuall list view being displayed in the view tab area. 

- You do not have access to the 'Show' tab when selecting graphical elements from a sheet.  You need to access the element from a tree view.  

So in your case:

- Select the project from the tree view

- Click 'Show/Components', and reach the drive from the displayed list of components. (If you click to select the drive on the sheet, it will highlight it in the tree view, which makes it easier to find.)

Once the drive is selected, you will be able to access 'Show/Drive parameters', and then once the list of parameters is displayed, you will have access to the 'Home/Insert list block' button.

Let us know if this works out.

(Note: Giving access to the 'Show' tab when a graphical representation of an element is selected  on a sheet is something we are pondering, but it has pitfals we still need to think about...)

Now I get it....

After seeing what you suggested, I do now remember that this is what I did the first time. I just tested it and can now see the list.

I must say, it is very intuitive to just select the symbol in the schematic and from there be able to generate a list block based on that object.


I just tested it and can now see the list.

Great!  Thanks for letting us know.

I must say, it is very intuitive to just select the symbol in the schematic and from there be able to generate a list block based on that object.

Duly noted!  (And we agree with you.  We just have to think about it some more to avoid bad surprises...)

Show parameters for single drive also at drive

How to show drive parameters (or IP) for a single drive on the sheet next to the drive?

Try this

Here's one way to do it:

  1. Double-click on the drive on the schematics
  2. Select Open in new tab
  3. Go to the Show tab and select parameters/IPs
  4. Now you can go to the Home tab and select Insert list block. Though, there seems to be a refresh bug that hides the Insert list block button at first. If you select any parameter/IP from the list, then select the button will appear

Please let us know if this helps.

Everything gone

This morning I prepared everything. For drive oarameters and ipaddress.

After this answer I wanted to continue, so I started up Skycad again.

All I made is gone.

Should I have saved anything? Or is working together on the same environment possibly the cause?

Attached time machine

Are settings like the added classes saved in the time machine?


The Environment Structure file contains that information. Try restore that.

But, sharing your environment may have something to do with it... if you were both making changes to the Environment Structure file at the same time.

Missing download attachment file.

I would like to follow the steps you outlined on post # 3 But I cant seem to find the file to download at the bottom of the post .


Please advise


Maybe SkyCAD has to send it to you directly. I can see the file if I am logged in as myself but if I log in as a guest I cannot.

We've sent you the file directly.

Hi Oscar,

We've sent you the file directly.

To protect user privacy, access rights regarding attached files on the forum restrict any other person than the original poster to access them.

I had a feeling.



I suspected that was the case when I could not see it when logged in as guest.

Request for the attachment file


Is it possible also to request for the file, as I am interested in the drives.

I am a new user of the skycad, having read it on one of the plc forum, which compares various electrical cad software, and skycad name is getting much more positive feedback.

Thank you.


We contacted you by email.

lmallorca: we've contacted you by email and sent you the file.

Thanks for letting us know about the positive feedback SkyCAD is getting on PLC Talk!

Thank you for sharing the file

That was fast!!.

Thank you for your quick reply, and for sharing the file. 

I think i will stick to skycad from now on, for the way the queries / request are being answered quickly by the admin/s.  

I will be sharing this to my colleagues, to try skycad or better yet!! to switch to using skyCAD.




Glad to know you appreciate your SkyCAD experience!

I am also interested in this

I am also interested in this capability.  Would it be feasible to send me the icon files as well?

We've contacted you by email.

I am also interested in this capability.  Would it be feasible to send me the icon files as well?

We've just sent you an email with a zip file attached.

Thanks!  That was perfect!

Thanks!  That was perfect!

Could I also receive the file

Could I also receive the file?

We've sent you the file via

We've sent you the file via email.

Can you email the Icons file

Can you email the Icons file over. Thank you in advance


We've sent you the file via

We've sent you the file via email.