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#1 Symbol Libary

I accidently deleted the "Single Line" option off the Symbol Libary. Is there anyway to retrieve this?

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Of course!

Thanks for posting on the forum.

You manually create a library folder, name if 'Single line diagram' and then add the symbols one by one by clicking the button 'Home/Add existing graphical object', but that would be a bit tidious.

Or we could do it for you!

You can attach the library file (Look into C:\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\SkyCad specific Classes\Library\).  The file should be 'Symbol library.SkyCadFile' if you work with IEEE symbols, or 'IEC Symbol library.SkyCadFile' if you work with IEC symbols.

We have an automated process that adds those file automatically, so it should be easy enough for us.


Libary Folder

Thank you for your promt responce.

How do you manually create a libary folder.

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Here's one way to do it

Select the heading of the symbol library, go to the Create/Add tab and select New Folder.

Hope this helps.

Selecting the items

Thats great but there is no "Single Line" item to choose from. Where would this be located or what alternative would it be called?

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You need to add the symbols one by one

There is no "Single Line" item. Each symbol that was in the original folder that you deleted, has it's own file. These are the files you would need to add one by one, until you have what you need. When selecting 'Home/Add existing graphical object', Windows explorer should open the path "C:\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\Catalogue\root class\SkyCad specific Classes\Graphical Element\graphical object\graphical block\work block". This is where all these symbols are stored. The symbols which were originally in the library folder you deleted, are the symbols whose file names are suffixed with 'SLD', without '(IEC)' in their names.

As mentioned in comment #2, you could simply upload your library file and we'll do this for you.

Libary File

How do i save and upload the libary file?

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See comment #2 above

You don't have to save it.

Simply reach the file described in comment #2 and upload it to this forum thread.


Libary attached

Updated file attached. Just

Updated file attached. Just replace this file with the one you uploaded.

Save Projects

Uploaded and working. On the standard software can you save as PDF?

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Great, thanks for letting us know.

Yes, just follow the steps in this tutorial.

FYI, the Features webpage gives you a broad overview of what features are possible with the different licenses.

Symbol orientation

How do I turn the transformer symbol. It is horizontal but I need it vertical. And can I make the inputs and outputs wider apart 

Please let us know if this helps.

How do I turn the transformer symbol.
Usually, you shouldn't need to, since when you place it on vertical connections, it should automatically rotate.
However, considering your next question, your connections are probably wider apart than the transformer's connection points, in which case auto-rotate will not work until you modify the transformer symbol.
So, please modify the symbol first (as described below), then see if the auto-rotate feature helps.

And can I make the inputs and outputs wider apart 
Yes. This tutorial explains how to create and modify symbols. Be sure to move the connection points, as well as the drawing objects.

Please let us know if this helps.