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#1 Symbol drawing disappeared

The drawing of the transformer just dissapeared, still have the work block in the correct folder but no drawing? All the properties are still there? Would love to know what I've done to avoid doing it again.


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Was this symbol created using the block generator? If so, this is a known bug that we have fixed for the next version. It's definitely a weird, annoying bug.

When this issue does occur, you'll have to add the symbol to your symbol library again, and insert it onto your schematics again.

To add it to your symbol library again, right-click on the library folder itself (Power Supplies/Transformers) and choose Add existing graphical block.

When inserting the symbol onto the schematics again, you may want to hold the SHIFT key when dropping it, to link it to the original component. Sometimes, when this issue occurs, although the symbol disappears, the underlying component still remains in the project. So, it may be easier to link the new symbol to the original component, instead of deleting the original component.

Hope this helps and thanks for your patience with this until the next version is ready.

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Oh, when will the 'next version' be available?

If all goes well, in about a

If all goes well, in about a month or so. In our experience with this particular bug, it actually tends to go away 'by itself' after a while.

Hopefully it won't be too much of an inconvenience for you.

Thanks for your patience.