Spacing Issues with symbols

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#1 Spacing Issues with symbols

I have noticed that some of the default symbols dont line up with three phase wiring spacing or control connection spacing.  If i try to edit the block it seems that the symbol was drawn with either no snap to sub grid enabled or a different size sub grid.  Is there a way to easily fix this?  I really noticed when i used the three phase motor symbol with control connections from a block i generated for a Brushless DC Motor, which is still a 3 phase motor but i dont label the power connections as L1, L2, L3 so i used control connection wires.  Project is attached.



Thanks for posting.

This is weird.  Almost all the connections and symbols on the sheets are not snapped to anytyhing (and they should all be forced to snap to grid...)

Let us look at this a bit and get back to you.  

We need further information...

We would need a little extra -information from you in order to better understand what's going on. 

Start by following the steps descibed:

- Make sure 'SkyCAD' is selected in the tree view.

- Click 'Show/Environments'


- Expand properties of 'Standard Environment', and verify the value in the 'Grid step field.


What is the value displayed in the 'Grid step' field?  

Thanks in advanced!