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#1 SkyCAD Won't Boot Up


            I am having some issues with booting up my SkyCAD application. I was able to load in no problm yesterday and have not changed any of the settings since. However when trying to boot today SkyCAD gets stuck on the loading environment screen then closes itself before loading anything else and does not produce and error message. Please see photo for stuck page. Any advice would be much apreaciated, thanks!


Thanks for posting on the forum and sorry for the trouble!

Please try this. Keep the CTRL key pressed from the time you click on SkyCAD to open it until SkyCAD is open. Keep the CTRL key pressed the entire time.

This should open SkyCAD without opening any of your projects.

Please let us know if that works and we'll guide you further from there.


It asks for my log in information between when I launch and when it loads. I can't keep the button pressed while entering my information and holding on launch releasing for information and holding while it loads does not solve the problem. Anything else I can try?

Please upload a zip of your Standard Environment folder.

Please upload a zip of your Standard Environment folder. This tutorial about backing up your environment folder will indicate exactly which folder we are talking about. (Note: only you and the SkyCAD staff will have access to your environment. All other users won't even be able to see the file.).

Please also let us know which project you were working on.

We'll be able to check this out as soon as we get your environment.

Thank you!


Please see attached file

Here you go


Strangely, one of the files got corrupted. This prevented your SkyCAD from opening. We were able to use your Time Machine to restore a previous version of your file. See attached.

Please use this file to replace the file in your environment:

"C:\SkyCAD Environments\Standard Environment\EnvironmentStructure.SkyCadFile"

Please let us know if this helps.

Sort Of

I was able to force a boot this morning by replacing the file and running the application as administrator. It opened on my computer with the C: file path and I was able to access my documents, however we were trying to work off our google drive and now when I try to change the SkyCAD environment paths to access the G: drive it says I dont have access. Have you heard of this problem using google drive before?

We'll get in touch with you.

Thanks for letting us know your problem is not fully resolved.

A member of tech support will get in touch with you shortly to try to resolve this.