skycad export pkg cannot be read

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#1 skycad export pkg cannot be read

I have skycad environment running on a citrix shared drive.  works fine.


However, I cno no longer read a pkg file, even in teh same directory.  see error below when opening.  I just made this pkg as a test from a valid skycad file.


Thanks for posting on the forum.

Can you please attach this package to a reply so we can look at it?

Thanks in advance.

pkg file

pkg file


Thanks for uploading your package file.

We were able to open teh package without issue on our end.  Not sure if it's related, but we placed the package on the desktop before opening it.  You might want to try that on your end as well.

Let us know if it works out.

no, same message.  even when

no, same message.  even when I make one from my pc this happens.  

Try unzipping manually...

Let's try something.

Rename the package file extension from '.SkyCadPackage' to '.Zip', double-click on the file, and let us know if Windows Explorer displays the same erro message, of if Windows explorer opens normally and shows the package content.

works like a zip file should

works like a zip file should in widows and exposes the contents


This is strange.  SkyCAD creates a temporary directory on the same drive as where the environment folder is (So the 'S:' drive in your case), but somehow it doesn't have access to it when it wants to extract the package in it.

We probably can bypass this by using the 'C:' drive by default to create the tmp folder, but this means you'll have to wait for the next version (which should come out in several weeks.)

If you would be willing to use a beta-version, you would have a fix within a day or so.  (The beta-version - minor that modification - has been used by several users for many weeks now and has proven to be very stable.)

Let us know if using a beta-version would work for you.

does it place the temp folder

does it place the temp folder on the root?  If that is teh case, that is he problem because the shared folder is all that there is access to,.


Remeber, I am doing a citrix shred folder because google drive now makes their shared links too long and I need other people to have access to them.  I am trying to work around the problem.  I bet if I changed the environetn target to C, it would work.


We gave you a solution with regards to the path that was too long on Google drive.  You can map a network drive to a sub-folder of the Google drive structure, thus reducing the path.

The same solution would also allow you to fix this current problem with Citrix: map a network drive to the folder 'S:\Shared folders\SkyCAD\' and use that drive in the 'Current environments path' setting of SkyCAD and all should fall into place.

That IS how it is done.  I am

That IS how it is done.  I am using Cirtix because shared used on google drive asee a much longer path than the owner, even when a shortcut is mapped.  I suggest you look into this.  Citrix acts diffetrnetly.  The problem is that it does not let you make a temp file on the root to unzip the pkg file automatically.  I am tyalking to them tomorrow to see if they have an answer.