SkyCAD crash when copying & pasting

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#1 SkyCAD crash when copying & pasting


SkyCAD crashed when copying & pasting a simple overload / drive combo to a new sheet. Now all my "block generator" generated blocks have all lost (or are at least not showing) their pin / terminal labels / descriptions. Can you help ?

Package attached.

and also ....

and also ....

Where does the autosave save ?

I couldn't find anything, so lost quite a bit of work :-(

Let us look at this...

Let us look at your package to see what's wrong.  Having a copy/paste crash should not justify loosing generated block's pin numbers.

Where does the autosave save ?

The auto-save save the files them-selves.  They are not saved to an alternate location.

hmmm okay, as after the crash

hmmm okay, as after the crash my file was not there at all :-(


But you did send us a package?  Isn't this the project file you were working on when the crash occured?

Aha ! Yes, I just thought the

Aha ! Yes, I just thought the same thing as I was re-reading my post :-)

So, thinking about this a bit more ....

SkyCAD crashed when pasting, and I lost the file.

So I had to start again, I finished my drawing second time around by manually drawing all six overload / drive combos again so I didn't have to try the copy & paste again.

I printed the drawings & emailed them to my colleague who then pointed out that the pin numbers were missing off the drawing, and when I go back and check they are missing.

But they weren't missing when I created the drawing ?

So maybe it is two separate issues ?

1. SkyCAD crashed when copy / pasting.

2. The blocks have lost their pin numbers either before or during the print process ?



Ah, ok.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

We'll get back to you as soon as we have some answers/solutions for you.  We downloded your package and are currently exploring it.

Stay tuned!


Although we don't know why, the blocks inserted (the ones that came out of the block generator, so Power supplies, switches and drives) seem to have lost their link with their catalogue part.  

Can you try the following:

- Delete one of the drives and insert it back.

- Does it insert flawlessly, or does it display a message saying it can't find the part file?

- If it does insert flawlessly, try to close and save, and reopen it again to check if pins are displayed on the newly inserted drive.


As for the copy/paste crash, we did identify a situation where it will do this one you from time to time.  This is fixed in the upcoming version, and behaves much better.

Ah ........ 

Ah ........ 

This might be me !!

So if i inserted the block, then changed the part number, clicked OK but didn't save it. Would that cause the problem ? and might that also cause the copy / paste crash ?

If I delete the block, then re-insert it, the pin assignments are there. But the part number is incorrect, so I change it as above. If I save the drawing. Close SkyCAD, then reopen it they are gone again.


Yes and no...

This might be me !!

Well, yes and no...  Indeed, when working with blocks that come out of the block generator, you are not supposed to assign a different part number, the part number is tied to the block.  What you want to do is open the part with the block generator (the right part, the one you wish to use in your project), generate it's own blocks and use them instead.

That said, assigning a different part number should not have SkyCAD behaving this way, and loosing pin numbers.  This is most certainly a bug we will investigate further into.

But in the meantime, make sure the blocks you insert correspond to the part you wish to use.