Show other options, but only edit 1 option?

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#1 Show other options, but only edit 1 option?

I have an option for several devices in my System. This way, I can include them or not include them in a project.

Is there a way to show 1 option but edit a different option? For example when I am doing this network map Graphical Group, I would like to show the PLC for spaying and layout purposes, but I only want to add the new Panel PC symbol to the "Has Panel PC" Option?

What I have started doing is creating placeholders symbols in the root option (no options enabled) and then deleting that play holder symbol when the option is enabled. Is there a better way to do this?

Note: In the screenshot I haven't added the PLC symbol yet


Thanks for posting on the forum.

When we initially introduce the possibility of "options", we had a feature for this exact use case, called something like Show space occupation, but unfortunately the feature become complex, problematic and unreliable as we improved configuration management, so we had to disable it and put it aside.

We may revisit it at some point in the future, but it won't be anytime this year.

The workaround you are using at the moment sounds reliable. Please continue to use that for now.