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#1 Sheet font number changing


I wondering how can I change the font of the page numbering. I tried to print different sheet sizes and all turned out to be small. It is not visible

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Follow these steps!

Thanks for creating this new topic!

Here's how to get the result you are after:

- Within a sheet displayed, double-click the title block.

- In the displayed dialogue box, reach the field 'Coordinates font size'


- Increase the displayed value (Yes, we know, '150' is a weird value for text size...  This is a display bug, we are working on it...)

- Click OK.

- Make sure your title block is still selected, and click 'Save' in the 'Home' tab.


- At that point, SkyCAD will ask you to select a library folder into which you wish to store your title block.  You can simply click 'Cancel', as you don't need it in a library folder.


-Close and re-open your project.


All your sheets should now display coordinates value with the increased size you indicated.

Let us know if this properly answered your question!