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#1 Setting a terminals location


If I explore a "standard" symbol, one of the properties that I can edit is its location.

If I explore a terminal, i cannot see this option. how do I assign a location to a terminal ?


From the terminal strip...

Thanks for posting on the forum!

A terminal is different from a standard component in the fact it belongs to a terminal strip.  And the terminal strip is different from a standard component in the sense that it 'belongs' to a location (in opposition as it is 'assigned to'....)  

Normally, if you display the terminal strip your terminal belings to, you should be able to click on the 'home/Assign to location' button, which should move your terminal strip from the location it is currently in, to the one you select.  That said, it seems there is an issue with that feature for terminal strip, and it does not work for terminal strips!

Rest assured there is a work around until we fix this for the next release:

- Select your project from the tree view

- Click 'Show/Terminal stips'

- Right click the terminal strip you wish to relocate and choose 'Cut'

- Click on your project again, and choose 'Show/Locations'

- Right-click on the location where you want your terminal strip to be located and choose 'Paste'.

At this point, your terminal strip, and all the terminal it contained, was relocated to right panel.


Yes it does work

I've been playing since posting !

If I select a terminal, then "open terminal strip view".

Then select X1 at the top of the window, the location icon appears along the top, and I can then select "Panel 1".

If I then "show locations" and expand "Panel 1" the terminal strip now appears along with all the other "Panel 1" assigned components :-)


This also works with "open

This also works with "open connector table view" in the same way as I had the same issue / question for connectors too :-)