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#1 Public shared symbols

Is there a place where I can download publicly shared symbols? I can't believe there isn't a library of commonly used items like Solid State Relays or heaters. I'm sure somebody has had to make custom symbols. Is there a place where other users symbols can be downloaded?

Agreed on sharing blocks,

Agreed on sharing blocks, catalog. I will save a lot of time.

I started creating Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Click PLC/Modules and eventhough it is ok to practice, but it will save a lot of time if the users could share them.




We're on it!

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Providing an on-line catalogue containing parts and symbols made by users all around the world is the main project we are currenty working on.  We plan to have a first version of this by the end of the year, and a second, more automated version sometimes in 2021.

We'll let you know when this is available.  Thanks for yout patience!

We're on it, online catalog, User created symbols

It is good news to hear that you are going to make the on-line catalog of user created parts and symbols. The sooner the better!

Will this online catalog be available to the standard version?


Not clear yet.

Will this online catalog be available to the standard version?

We are still exploring the possilities with that regard.  It has not been decided yet if the entire on-line catalogue will be available to all users, or if access will be restricted to Advanced license users.

I would vote this is the #1

I would vote this is the #1 feature that push SKYCAD over other cad software.

Please implement this ASAP.  


Actually , it's also the current limiting factor to its usage acceptance.

Work in progress

We are currently working on this project. Stay tuned!



Is the online catalogue is still plan to lunch in 2021? Do you plan to test it with the beta tester?


Is the online catalogue is still plan to lunch in 2021?

We're more aiming at the first half of 2022 now.  Our current priority is to relase the Pro features which should be done before the end of the year.   Afterward we'll concentrate on several important projects, including the community catalogue.

thanks for the uptade.

thanks for the uptade.

Any updates ?


Any updates on the online catalogue ?

Can we expect it anytime soon ?


It is one of our main goals

It is one of our main goals for this year to have the community catalogue implemented.

Online catalogue

Thanks for the update. I'm not sure how you are going about this, shared user created blocks will, of course, be a great help in the speed of design. However, I know the blocks I created have flaws. In fact I'm procrastinating going back to my last design to correct some of my problems just because of the learning curve and time I will have to invest to get to the final schematic version.

I really think that there is potential to invite the actual equipment vendors create blocks / symbols for their equipment. 

Thanks for keeping up the progress toward time saving shared catalogs whether they are user or commercial catalogs or both!


Baby steps first - catalogue parts

Thanks for your feedback.

The community catalogue will likely evolve over time, but our goal for this year is to allow user-created catalogue parts (including their layout views) to be uploaded to the community catalogue, so other users can search for a particular catalogue part, then import it into their SkyCAD installation.

Symbols/blocks will likely not be included, at least, not at first.

We hope this helps.

This will be very handy when

This will be very handy when done. Please also consider adding a category for symbols as fast as possible too. I would be completely cool with the symbols starting out as being completely dumb file sharing with labels. Just getting a symbol to start from and needing manual edits would be nice.

Thanks for working so diligently for us!

Maybe later...

For now it's going to be only catalogue parts, relying on users to use the Block Generator to generate the blocks according to their needs.

The issue with symbols is that we have to manage IEC and IEEE standard (and soon Australian/NZ), which adds an extra level of complexity with regrads to sharing symbols associated to a particular part.

But we know there is a need for it, and we'll quite probably eventually come-up with a way to share symbols in the same manner we'll soon share parts.  But we'll start with parts which are by far the most needed elements that are needed to be shared.

Understood! Thanks for the

Understood! Thanks for the update here.