Print will not excute (Standars Version)

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#1 Print will not excute (Standars Version)

Hello, when i try to print i can enter printer information and select options but when i click okay the window closes without printing (i tried differente printers and also printo to PDF) with the same result.
Is this normal in the free version?



No it's not.

This is strange.  Printing is part of the free Standard license, so it should work just fine.

According to the description of events you gave, it looks like you may be clicking 'Set printer', and not 'Print current sheet' or 'Print document'.  Please review the following tutorial about printing and let us know if that resolves your issue.


Thanks for the help, i had

Thanks for the help, i had badly understood how to print. Thanks to the video it all works!

Thank you very much



Thanks for letting us know it worked out!