PLC's Analog modules with inputs AND outputs

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#1 PLC's Analog modules with inputs AND outputs

I want to create a PLC module with two Analog input (2 pins each) AND two Analog output (3 pins each). 
I want all the connection ports to the left (like any inputs) but when I add analog output channel, by default, the connection port point to the right.
Can I use "Add analog input channel" for my Outputs?
the drawing of the module look good but all the channels types rest "Analog inputs"
I desire all the connection ports at the same side because it's easyer to read (and align) the IO comments
What should I do?

Try this...

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Indeed inputs are generated by default on the left, and outputs on the right.  To change that:

- Open your block in edition mode (Select block, click 'Home/Open block')

- Select the chanel block you wish to move, and click 'Drawing/Flip horizontally'

- Move the channel block to position and re-organise text attributes (which may not be properly positioned after the flip...)

- Once you're done, close and save your block.

Let us know if it works out.

It seems to work very

It seems to work very well
Thank you very much for the quick response


Gald to know it worked out.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know.