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How can I create a pin plug (male/female) that shows pin number and does not change wire number through it?( -> >-, -< <-) Not all multiconductor cables run from terminal to terminal. M12/M8 3 or 4 pin cables for example.



Connectors will be part of the Harness features

Thanks for posting on the forum!

Connectors and connector pins are objects that we are planning to introduce when releasing the PRO licence features, which will comprise general cable and harness features.

That said, you can customise yourself connectors and pins which can behave the way you mentioned.  

Here's how you can do this:

- Start by creating a 'Connector' class using the Catalogue tools.

- Then, using our standard symbol creation tools, create a 'Connector pin' symbol that could look something like this (making sure to associate to the new Connector class you just created.)


Next, you will need to apply the following modifications to your symbol:

- Insert you symbol on a sheet.

- Click on the 'Drawing' tab, and make sure to display connection points by clicking 'Show/Hide connection point'


- Connection points should be displayed on your symbol (small red circles with a cross in the middle) and you should now be able to select them.

- While pressing the 'CTRL' key, select the two connection points of the symbol

- In the 'Drawing' tab, you should see the button 'Group connection points together' appear.  


- Click it to create a new connection point group, which will associate the two selected connection point together.

- A dialog box is displayed, allowing you to set property values to the newly created connection point group:


- Type in '1' in the 'Name' property (this will represent the pin number)

- Make sure to check the 'Flow through' checkbox (which will insure wire number will be the same on both side of the pin)

- Then click OK.

- Now you can hide back connection points by clicking on 'Show/Hide connection point' in the 'Drawing' tab. 

- Right-click on the remaining text attribute, and choose 'Explore text'


- In the dialog box displayed, click to select the 'value' property (even though it's greyed-out...) and click on the 'Process property queries' button, to deactivate it.


- You should see a query appear in the 'Value' property.  Replace it with this one:


- Click OK.

- Now select your symbol and click 'Save'.


If you insert that symbol again, you will be able to link it to the first one (using the 'Link with' command), so that both pins are associated to the same connector.  You can double-click the text attribute (that will show '1' by default) to display the connection point group properties, and manually change its 'Name' property to specify the pin number.

This is the most you can achieve with our free Standard licence.  The cable and harness features that will be part of the PRO licence, will come with richer functions, such as automatically assigning pin numbers, defining male/female connectors and pins, showing connector chassis, specifying connector types, ensuring compatibility between plug and jack, etc.

Please let us know if this allows you to achieve what you were after!

Connectors management now part of SkyCAD

A little update about connector management.

The latest version of SkyCAD now includes connector and advanced cable management (Required 'Advanced' license), which offers more automation and flexibility than the method described above.

You can download the latest version here.

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