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#1 Page orientation and item descriptions - how it should be


I have a note about the text setting.

The basic format of the drawing is A4 vertically. The text is placed as shown in figure 1.

The A4 format is created horizontally by turning the page 90 degrees to the right. The created page can be easily rotated 90 degrees to the left.

In the case of a program (like in eg. SkyCAD), the A4 drawing horizontally (figure 2) rotated by 90 degrees to the left up to the A4 format vertically gives the inscriptions placed upside down. And that does not look good.

That's how I was taught at school - but that was before the computer age. What is your opinion on this subject?

What are you suggesting?

Thanks for your post!

That said, we are not sure we understand what you want to tell us: it seems that one way or another (rotating horizontal to vertical, or vertical to horizontal) will have an upside-down text anyway.  (i.e.: if we fix the situation for pic.2, we create the same problem for pic.1...)



I mean keeping the A4 layout from figure 1.

If in the design we have A4 pages vertically and horizontally, then for the layout from fig. 1 we do not have a situation with inscriptions placed upside down. The basic format is A4 vertically (Fig.1). A4 pages horizontally should have orientation as item 2 from figure 1. A project created in such a way where the pages are mixed (vertically and horizontally) does not cause unnecessary rotation of the document. That's how I was taught at school.


Figure 2 shows the incorrect placement of descriptions (in my opinion). I wanted to show what the current horizontal A4 format looks like when rotated to A4 vertically

Thanks for the extra information.

Thanks for taking the time to add the extra explanations.  We think we understand what you are suggestion, and believe it's actually a good idea!

We have moved on and modified the dimention text automatic orientation process so that it fits with what you are describing is 'the good way' of doing things.  It will be available in the next release.

Thanks for your suggestion, and for the extra effort in adding all the graphical details!


I am very pleasantly surprised


I didn't expect you to add so much trouble!.

I can't wait to that time - my eyes will finally stop suffering seeing the wrong positioning of the texts. The SkyCAD will be the first of those that I know taking into account the correct drawing of documentation - it is really important for engineers of the "old date" (before the computer age).