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I have been meaning to post here my experience thus far with SkyCAD but I have been in Mexico on an install and very busy.  So far I love the software.  The block generator is amazing!!!  What takes me an hour in autocad electrical I can do in 1 min in SkyCAD.  All of the block have the same asthmatics no mater which engineer creates them.  So no more every engineer having their own symbols and blocks that must be updated and managed.  Also the graphical grouping are a great feature.  I have already created many of the standard circuits I use in our systems everyday.  One question I do have though,  I have a large project coming up that design will start on in about a month.  I really want to use SkyCAD for my design but one requirement of all of my customers is that I provide electrical schematics in dwg format so they can view in autocad.  I know the last time I spoke to Karl this was being developed so that I can export to dwg.  Any ideas on when this will be possible?  I’m goin to also provide my customers the SkyCAD project so they can download SkyCAD and view or edit the schematics for future upgrades or changes but I don’t think I can get around providing dwg as well.  Keep up the great work!

DWG export

Thanks very much for your update and positive feedback Dustin.

In answer to your question, export to DWG is a feature that will be available with the SkyCAD Advanced license. We plan to release the Advanced license by the end of this year.

Providing projects to your clients in both DWG and SkyCAD formats is an excellent strategy.  

All the best with your upcoming project.