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#1 Multiple terminal strips

Morning All,

I have added some terminal strips to my project. Currently I've just added the terminal symbols - some of these are huge power terminals and I will need to make the physical part later, but for now they are just symbols in the schematic (see pic term1).

There are some other terminals in my project. See the terminal strip view in pic term2. Some of these are small signal wires.

These terminals have all been added to Panel1-X1.

How do I split them out so that I can have 3 different terminal strips.

I would expect someting like Panel1-X1, Panel1-X2 and Panel1-X3 for the 3 strips? I've watched the tutorials but cannot work this out.

(Or would all the terminals on a particular drawing just be called X1 (for example) but I just need to split up the physical layout of the terminals?)


Thanks for your help,



Let's make 3 terminal strips

Thanks for posting on the forum.

I would expect something like Panel1-X1, Panel1-X2 and Panel1-X3 for the 3 strips.

This is what I'll help you to achieve. The process will be MUCH simpler in a version we're currently working on and there will be new terminal tutorials to assist. But until then, what you can do is:

  1. Select the project in the tree view
  2. Go to CREATE/ADD tab and select ADD TERMINAL STRIP
  3. Add it to Panel1 (if indeed the new terminal strip will be in Panel1)
  4. Now you should see your terminal strips in the tree view, with the addition of TB2 (which can be renamed to X2)
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 so you have 3 terminal strip
  6. Now select all 3 terminals strip in the tree view (using the SHIFT or CTRL keys)
  7. Go to the SHOW tab and select TERMINAL STRIP ELEMENTS
  8. Now click and drag the desired terminals in X1 to X2 or X3.

It's also possible to add terminal symbols to schematics and create a new terminal strip at the same time by holding the SHIFT key when inserting the terminals. It's shown in this tutorial at around 2:05.

Hope this helps!