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do you know why a multicore cable has colors assigned to its wires after each renumbering even though I deleted them before? Also, after each renumbering I get the message that Black has been already assigned and I have to click OK 5x to get rid of the pop up window (5x because there is probably 5 wires...???).


Thank you!

Cable wire must have a ID value.

Thanks for posting on the forum.

An ID for each cable wires is always forced, as it is needed to show connectivity information. (Sometime it uses colors, sometime numbers, but there must be something.)  Therefore if you remove these values, SkyCAD will recalculate them on the next wire renubering.  (It is not clear why you get the numbering error though, we would need to dig further on this one...)

If you do not wish to show wire information on he schematics beside the cable symbol, simply select each connection under the cable symbol, reach the 'Home' tab and click 'Show/Hide cabling information'.

Let us know if this works out.