Making a new symbol in bold type

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#1 Making a new symbol in bold type

Just getting started.

This program is going to be a good thing.

Please let me know, when making a new symbol for the library, how to configure it to appear in bold lines, as the default library has them.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

Check this tutorial.

Thanks for posting on the forum, and glad to know you are enjoying SkyCAD so far!

The 'bold' aspect of symbols in the library is solely due to the fact the graphical objects used to make them (line segments, circles, rectangles, etc.) are wider than the default.  This tutorial about drawing tools overview should explain how to change that. (Fast forward to 1m30sec if you already watched it.)

NOTE: Once a graphical object looks the way you want, you can use the format painter in the 'Drawing' tab to copy properties from one object to others.  (Same tutorial, 8m44sec)

Let us know if it works out!


P.S.: Make sure to watch the 'Block generator' tutorial, which shows how SkyCAD can generate large blocks, such as PLC, PLC modules and Drives, for example.