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When you link the harness or wires it only give you the wire number  but I need to know from what other project its coming from?

so if someone else comes along and only opens the one project they can trace it back to the second project.


i want to link from one project to the other with more clarity.



Linking between sheets within a project perhaps?

Thanks for posting on the forum.

It's not possible to link objects between projects, but you can link objects between sheets within the same project; e.g. linking a cable from sheet 1 to sheet 2. Is this what you're after?
If so, please have a look at this tutorial on OPRs (off-page references) and let us know if it helps.

more details

Would it possible to add this feature in the future?


We'll have to give it some thought and we may contact you for more information if that's OK.

We'll get back to you!


sounds good to me that would really help to migrate from how we are doing it now.

Update - Design By System

Linking objects from different projects will be possible using a feature we will be developing for the Pro license. Once this feature is ready, we'll notify you so you can try it out. It won't be very soon though, but it is coming.

Thanks for your patience and feedback.

Any progress on OPR to other projects?

OPR to other project sheets would also be helpful to me right now.. has it been implemented in Pro version?

We've contacted you by email.

len: Please take note we've contacted you by email about this.