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May be more of a request than an issue. But I seem to be spending a lot of time linking components together especially on this project that has many relay coils with 4 poles of NC NO connections. Is there any effort being discussed on simpifying linking components(maybe through a table view) or a way i can pre link components prior to placing them on the schematic ? Maybe there is a best practice I should be following. TIA

Tips & tricks

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There are a few methods you may not the tutorials:

  • Hold the SHIFT key when selecting Link With to choose which component to link it to. You can narrow the list by location by selecting the Show tab in this window, selecting Locations and showing the components assigned to it.
  • When you insert a symbol onto the schematics, you can hold the SHIFT key to pop a window of components in the project. Select the component you want the symbol to be linked with and click OK. Of course, you can narrow this list by location too.
  • If you copy a selection of objects where some components are linked together, the copies will also be linked. See below.

Please let us know if this helps. Your feedback is valueable to us!

Wish I posted to the forum

Wish I posted to the forum sooner ! Thank you for this valuable information!

Glad to know it helped!

Thanks for taking the time to let us know this helped!