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#1 Latest Revisions in title blocks

Can I show the latest revisions in my title block rather than just the first ones?


Yes this is possible, but a but of a manual work to edit the title block.

- Open your title block in edition mode (select the title block from a sheet, and click 'Home/Open block')

- From the tree view, select the title block item and click 'Show/Graphical sub-objects'.)

- By selecting the text objects one by one, you will eventually select a revision attribute (it will get highlighted on the right)

- Expand it's properties and click in the 'Value' field, even though its greyed out, and deactivate 'Home/Process property queries' (The small button with a '<A>' drawn in it.)  This will allow you to see the queries in properties.

- In the query, you will see a parameter named 'ITEM: ...'.  Change it to 'LASTITEM:...', but leave the item value as it is.)

- Do this for all revision attributes.

- Close and save.

From that point on, revision will show from last and decreasing.

Let us know if it works out. 

#ERROR# showing in one revision

I've followed the procedure above, and it all works, except for one field.  The latest revision date field shows #ERROR#.  The query in the Value is:


Other revisions display correctly, and the Value field looks similar, for example:  <r:GetRootObject.Getrevisions(lastitem:1).Date> for the previous revision



That's strange. 

Have you tried deleting that text attribute altogether, then copy/pasting the text above it to use as a template?

If that doesn't work, please upload a zip of your Standard Environment folder.
This tutorial about backing up your environment folder will indicate exactly which folder we are talking about. 
Note: only you and the SkyCAD staff will have access to your environment. All other users won't even be able to see the file.

FYI, it may take a minute or two for your browser to upload the zip file once you click 'Save'.

Please also let us know which project to look at.