Issue with custom pin numbering

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#1 Issue with custom pin numbering

Hello, I am using custom pin numbering on some of my connectors. For some reason, when I go to place the first pin of the connector on the schematic (holding shift to select the right connector), it gets numbered as the second in the list. If I delete that pin, the next pin I place will be numbered correctly as the first pin in the connector. But the next pin placed will have the third pin number rather than the second. What could be going on here?

Using the example below: First pin I place is B. I delete B, place a pin, it is A (what I'd expect). I go to place another pin, expecting B, but that one gets numbered as C.

Try this

Thanks for posting on the forum.

The reason may be related to the connector catalogue part. 

Try this: 

  1. Add a new connector to your project
  2. Assign the same catalogue part it
  3. Show its connector pins.

Is the first pin B? 
If so, that means the catalogue part is saved liked that - with the first pin being B.

Please let us know how it goes.