IO Link Master and Slave Block Generation and Usage

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#1 IO Link Master and Slave Block Generation and Usage

So most of our systems use the IO-Link architecture which is master / slave.  We use Ethernet/IP IO-Link masters that have slave blocks attached via m12 io cables.  the slaves then have discrete io devices such as sensors attached via the same 4 pin m12 cables.  Im wondering how to use and manage cables like this in sky cad as well as genrate blocks that have a multi pin connection not a screw terminal.  For reference here are some links to the devices im referring to.


sorry for the long links but i fugred seeing the exact product that i need to create schematics for would help in understanding the blocks i need.  Showing individual conductors in this type of IO block just gets messy as they are premolded cables and molded connetors on the sensors so there are never any individaul conductors to label.  Therefor i just need to label cables and ports on the IO Block.

I believe SkyCAD can handle this...

Thanks for posting this.

Let us look at this more thoroughly to make sure we understand what you need, and we'll get back to you with a detailed answer.

Here are some quick examples.

Here are some quick examples.  The first two are showing the Device layout for a master.  the devices connected are iolink slaves.  Then there will be sensors connected to each slaves port via m12 cables.  The third screenshot shows cabling from a slave that would connet to discrete sensors such as proximity sensors, limit switches, pushbuttons etc..

What do you think of this proposition?

I've studied the links and screenshots you sent. Thank you for those!

I imagine a very simple example of the SkyCAD solution looking something like this (see attached). I didn't use the block generator to create this by the way, I just drew it manually.

I believe the solution to accommodating master/slave systems like the ones you use, would be to add a button called ADD COMMUNICATION PORT in the block generator ribbon beside ADD DIGITAL INPUT CHANNEL, ADD DIGITAL OUTPUT CHANNEL, etc. This type of channel would behave exactly the same as the other channel types, the only differences being that they would look like M_ connectors on the schematics and would accept communication connections (currently named Ethernet cable in the library) instead of control connections. 

Regarding splitter units, these could be created using the steps shown in the Creating Symbols tutorial, not the block generator. 

What do you think of this proposed solution? We would appreciate your feedback and thank you again for posting your query!


i agree this seems like a

i agree this seems like a good solution

One thing is i would like the option for just communication cable not ethernet cable or just cable.  Since after the first ethernet connection we are not using ethernet anymore its just a standard m12 4 pin io cable.

Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for your feedback Dustin.  Glad to know the solution Jeff suggested suits you.  We are in the process of adding communiction channel to the Block Generator.  In the mean time, you can use a Generic terminal channel, albeit it will look like a screw terminal.

As for ethernet cable, we plan on replacing it with a generic 'Communication' cable symbol, which will allow users to define it as they wish. 

We'll let you know when this will all be available.

Hello,  Is there any further

Hello,  Is there any further updates on this topic to make it easier?  I'm new to SkyCAD and am looking to create a similar layout for a festo system that uses the slave/master cofiguration.

Yes indeed!

Hi Nick,

Thanks for posting on the forum and welcome to SkyCAD!

Yes indeed, improvements have been made! We'd suggest creating your master/slave units using the block generator. Adding communication ports is now possible with the block generator.

If none of the connections in the symbol library suit your application, you can create new connection types.

Please let us know if you need further guidance.

Were the features that Jeff mentioned