Image quality reduced during print

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#1 Image quality reduced during print

I've noticed that images get significantly compressed during printing - is there any way to prevent this? This issue is especially apparent with text in images (ex. the text in our company logo in this case).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add image to sheet using Drawing > Add Image. The image I'm using is a 3000px x 1200px png of our company logo.
  2. Scale the image by dragging the corners. I made the image ~40mm wide.
  3. Print the sheet - there are significant compression artifacts on both paper prints and pdf prints.
Please try this

Thanks for posting on the forum.

You are correct. SkyCAD now automatically reduces large images, so that when users import multiple large images to use for their panel layouts, their computers don't lag to the point where they almost cannot work in the panel layout. Sorry this has snuck up on you! If you use a different image for your company logo, one that is more appropriately sized for what you're using it for so you don't have to scale down so much, the reduction of quality should be much less drastic and you shouldn't notice much, if any, difference in the quality.

Please let us know if this helps!