I O Address Description Visibility Issue

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#1 I O Address Description Visibility Issue

Within a single I/O sheet/file of a project set, the address' multi-line descriptor text (for lack of a more exact term) is not appearing.

Which setting(s) control the address descriptor text's visibility?


Address descriptor property field's text exists. Please confirm.


This project set was generated in SkyCAD by a contracted engineering design firm and now requires further modifications by our staff.


Our pardons for the poor quality of the PDF file copy scans of the manual markups to the address descriptor.



Thanks for posting on the forum.

Unfortunately the envionment you uploaded is not what we need.  You made a ZIP file of the 'EnvironmentStructure' file, and that is not sufficient.

Please make a package of the project you are having issues with, and attach it to a reply.


A rookie and rushed mistake

A rookie and rushed mistake indeed, I located and attached the correct zipped copy.


Ok, looking at your project file, is it possible the PLC was changed and your sub-contractor sent you the modified project file only?

(It looks like the PLC file is missing from the environment...)

Please let us know if we're on to something, and we'll guide you toward fixing this.

We thank you. Your valuable

We thank you. Your valuable insights will be pursued after I relate my colleague's following observations.

Being a slightly more experienced colleague in SkyCAD (via tutorials and editing this project during my time away last week) who is attempting to edit this problematic sheet, provides the following information:

In attempting to add text, whether by normal property field entry via dialog, or cut/paste, etc., finds that any text objects do not show when lcoated / relocated to the specific areas defined in the red boxes (see original screenshot images).

Focus now is exploring which, if any, display settings that would affect the visibility of text objects that may be obscured.

Please pass along all related tips in this regard.



Thanks for getting back to us.

Just making sure we're on the same page:

1) you'll share the question we have with your colleague and get back to us.

2) Your colleague has issues inserting text and needs help with that.

Do we understand correctly?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, the issue is

Unfortunately, the issue is very unique and experienced only on this particular sheet from the project drawing set.

Due in part to these strange circumstances, it is understandable that the lack of fundamental applications skills would be a concern.

This issue remains as it was witnessed by me earlier today: Any text object placed in the area of the sheet (as defined by the red boxes shown in this sheet's screenshots provided) basically disappears when located/relocated there.

At this time,... team would like to know if there are any tools that affect the draw order (background/foreground arrangement) of entities or any entity masks that may be obscuring text objects in the local area defined on the sheet.

This question draws on (no pun intended) the significant combined design software experience accumulated using other design software applications.

Exploration of other potential causes is not discouraged. However, we prefer a satisfactory answer to our inquiry before shifting focus to these causes.

Your attention and patience is appreciated.  


This is quite strange, as the problematic behavior I got with your project file was slightly different.

Let's try this: 

- Select the project from the tree view

- Click 'Export/Package project for deployment'

- Attach the package file to a reply

This will make sure we have all we need to reproduce the issue.

At this time,... team would like to know if there are any tools that affect the draw order (background/foreground arrangement) of entities or any entity masks that may be obscuring text objects in the local area defined on the sheet.

None that would explain the behavior you are having, which is we we need your package file to better understand what's going on.

Pkg. file created as requested

With no conventional CAD-related tools causing the text's "disappearance", we look forward to your findings as provided by the attached file.  


Thanks for uploading the package.

This will most certainly help us figure out what's going on, but at first glance it looks uite weird.

We may only be able to get back to you soemtime tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.

April 20th is OK

Thank you!


Ok, we understand a bit better what's going on (The P3-16TR DO module part seems like it has been 'reconfigured'...)

We still have to look into it to understand better how to fix this in the best possible way, but inserting standard texts as a temporary solution should work.

Is it possible that, when inserting a text, you are typing your text value in the 'Name' field of the text instead of in the 'Value' field?  (Some users sometime make this mistake and don't understand why their text won't display...)


All About Text

Symptoms on this problematic sheet follow. Focus is on text:

  1. Provide insights on why pasted text does not show here as it does in other similar sheets in this project.
  2. Similarily, it appears that attempting to add text fails in this sheet.

Text entry tip in general

  1. Provide tips or tutorial on adding text in the form of a general note to a sheet
  2. Are there any sheets where adding general notes are not recommended?

 Dialog box field

The "Value" field does not show in our dialog box list of available data entry fields.



Provide recommendations to any or all of the above.




We've contacted you by email.

Please take note that we've contacted you my email about this.