How to create new variables and fields for title block?

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#1 How to create new variables and fields for title block?

Good day,

Can you explain how and where the variables from the block are kept? Is it possible to add additional variables and create new variables and fields?

For example, the variable Rev_descr_04 is the last revision number. In our complex projects we very often create much more revisions. That is why we normally have separeted fields at the top right corner of the frame for revisions. Like on the attachment. How do I add Rev_descr_05... 06, etc.? Can I add additional lines with fields and move version variables there?

As you can also notice, our revision line has some more fields. And this is important for our system. Can I create these new additional fields with new variables?

Are there any automation/scripting tools available in the software? To implement some automation. For example, if the version lines are located in the top right corner, we only need as many lines as many revisions we have. Would be good if it will be possible to automatically add the revision line when new revision created. There are also many more automated tools we use in our ACAD system. For example, when we release new revision, dwg versions of drawings are being copied to the server released folder, their names are being added with the revision number, BOM is being created, saved to a text file with a preset format and moved to a dedicated folder, etc.. This is might be the idea for new topic though. 

Thank you.

There are no short answer to this question! (Yet...)

Thanks for posting on the forum!

It is possible in SkyCAD to obtain what you are after, although the current version does not supply an intuitive and easy way to achieve it...

We are currently working on supplying a better user interface (some sort of Title block editor wizard) which will allow users to add/modify properties/texts on title block in a much easier manner than right now.  It will be far better if you can wait a couple of weeks...

So all in all, what you required can be done (even adding revision lines as revisions are created...) but trying to show you how to do it with the current tools would prove unefficient, specially since it will be so much easier in a short while!

We'll keep you informed as soon as this wizard is available!

Creating title blocks is not possible in SkyCAD.

Title block tools have been added in SkyCAD's current version (V1.2.41), which allows to easily create your own title block.

The tutorial about Title block tools can be found here.

Thanks for your patience!