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#1 getting a new laptop soon....

I'm going to be getting a new laptop soon and I want to make sure that I have everything ready to move to the new computer. I have only a few drawings that I have worked on, but I don't want to lose anything. By just looking at the SkyCAD Environments folder, I can't tell what is there to be sure. Also- is there anything important I need to know before re-installing the software on the new laptop?

You seem all set!

Thanks for posting on the forum.

If you back-up your SkyCAD Environments folder, as it is described in this tutorial about specifically this, you should be all set.  Once you'll have installed SkyCAD on the new computer, simply replace the default environment folder with your backup and all should fall into place.

Let us know if it works out!

Trying to move to a new laptop

I have installed SkyCAD on my new laptop, but I can't get anything from my old laptop to transfer over. I followed the tutorial and copied the SkyCAD Environments folder from the old laptop and replaced the same folder on the new laptop, but none of my work is there when I open the program. What am I doing wrong?

  1. Just to make sure, you did unzip the environment?
  2. When you were saving your projects using your old computer, were you saving them in the default location (within the environment) or were you saving them elsewhere on your computer?
  3. When you open SkyCAD, is the Current Environments Path (as shown in the tutorial) pointing to the correct place?

Hope this helps! Please let us know.


Well, I did not zip and unzip because I could just copy the whole folder to a USB drive. Both my old laptop and the new one are using the same folder, C:\SkyCAD Emvironments. I'll send a screenshot from my old laptop.

Ah, OK

So it's not item 1 or 3 that's the issue. What about item 2 from my comment #4 regarding where you saved projects? Perhaps they are not in the environment you copied.

Also, which computer was your screenshot taken from? Old or new? We can see some projects in there. Which work are you missing?

Thanks for letting us know.

Using the default location....

I'm using the default location on the old laptop (that's where I got the screenshot I sent) and also the new one. I usually like to let the software decide where it wants to keep things.

When I run SkyCAD on the new laptop, there is nothing there. (see SkyCAD-NEW laptop image)

Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks for clarifying.

When I run SkyCAD on the new laptop, there is nothing there. (see SkyCAD-NEW laptop image).
If you select SkyCAD in the tree view, go to the Create/Add tab and select Open Project, do you see a window listing your projects?


Oh my gosh....yes, everything is there when I click on the folder icon, "Open Project"

Sorry! And thanks for your help and patience.

No worries!

Thanks for taking the time to let us know!