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I am trying to install SkyCAD on Linux, because that's what I use at home.

My current hurdle is that the SkyCAD installer uses features of Internet Explorer 11, and that piece of software is garbage when it comes to running on Linux.   Not feasible.   Is there a way to download a SkyCAD installer that already has the software on-board and doesn't need to download it at the time of install?  Maybe there was a version done up for users who don't have internet access?  Maybe?

If I had the software in-hand I might be able to install it on Linux, and maybe that effort would have some value to the community.

Directly on Linux or on a VM?

Thanks for posting on the forum.

For clarification, do you want to make SkyCAD work directly on Linux, or on a virtual machine that emulates Windows?

This would be on a virtual

This would be on a virtual machine in a Wine Bottle.


Thanks for getting back to us about this.

If you can try manually copying the 'C:\Programs\SkyCAD Electrical' and the 'C:\SkyCAD Environments\' folders from a computer where the install was sucessful, and try starting SkyCAD by double-clicking on the 'C:\Programs\SkyCAD Electrical\SkyCAD Electrical.exe' file (or making a desktop shortcut.)

That said, we have never tested this on a Wine Bottle, so we're not very optimistic.