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Not so much a SkyCAD problem, but I unsubscribed from email notifications from the forum pages, and I still get update notifications. Not a pressing issue! Get to it when you can

You might need to unsubscribe to your topics as well...

Hi Tyler,  and thanks for posting this on the forum.

One question: are you receiving emails for each new topic on the forum, or just when the topics you created get additional replies?  Because if its the latter, then you need to unsubscribe to your topics (open the topic you created, and unsubscribe to them one by one....)

Let us know if this solves the problem.  If not, then we need to talk to our web designer!

Hi, I have the same issue, I

Hi, I have the same issue, I'm not subscribe at one topic (I have not created one eather) and I receive all notifications. If a new topic is created, if one response to an existed topic is new... I received them all. I think I hit one time the subscribe button on one topic and instantly turn it off after, I from that time I am receiving notifications and it's kind of annoying issue. 

Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for your feedback in this issue.  We'll look into this.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

We'll let you know when we have more informaton about this.

A little update...

Ok, we have some work done with regards to this, but we need you guys to give us some feedback on the following:

- mgroulx: You subscritions were indeed automatically turned on by mistake through a bug in the user information 'Save' process.  (Any user who would change their personnal info would automatically get subscribed to everything!)  This issue is now fixed.  We have unsubscibed you from all you were subscribed to, but please let us know if you receive any unwanted subscription notifications in teh futur.

- Tyler: according to our stats, you are still duly subscibed to the Got a question? Got an issue? forum.  Could you provide a screen-shot of what you see when you access that forum?  Maybe your subscibe button is displaying 'OFF' while you are actually subscribed (which woud be an obvious bug), but if it says 'ON', than all is normal.  Take notice you are also subscribed to the three topics you created: 

- This topic
- Middle Click Page Scroll
- Rung Numbering using two sections


We'll be waiting for your feedback.

Thanks in advance!

I opened my email today and

I opened my email today and found several emails from skycad ... during the day i didn't recieve. Thanks for sorting this out

Thanks for letting us know it

Thanks for letting us know it worked out for you!

Status as asked

Attatched you will find a screen shot. I was still subscribed to my individual threads, however on the main forum screen it is indeed marked off. 

Thanks for the precisions.

Thanks for getting back to us Tyler!

Well, our records also show that you are no longer subscribed to anything else than this topic.  Have you stopped receiving subscription emails for the rest of the forum?

If so, than it seems teh problem was fully resolved.

Working as should

As of right now it seems to be working  properly! Thanks


Thanks for letting us know!

Ok, glad this works.

Thanks for letting us know!