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#1 font and numbering changing

I have two questions

1. I build up a PLC module using block, and I need to change the font size, how can i do so

2. How can i add another column for the line numbering.

I attached an image for more info

Thanks for your post.

Hi, and thank you for posting on the forum!

Regarding the rung number column display, please take a look at this forum topic. It describes how to display the second column.

As for customising how generated blocks come out, we are currently working a on tutorial that addresses this specifically, which is suppose to be ready tomorrow.  We'll inform you when that said tutorial will be on line.  You should find all the information you are looking for in there.

In the mean time, please let us know if you were able to display the second rung number column.

Thanks I got the second rung

Thanks I got the second rung number

Waiting for the font size tutorial

New tutorial on line

The tutorial allowing you to customise the block generator is now on line.

Click here to view it.

Let us know if it was helpful!

It added to my knowledge but

It added to my knowledge but sorry it did not answer my question. 

I need to change the font size to appear larger and more clear

Maybe we misunderstood what you needed...

Sorry if this did not help you out.  

If you open the template block that was used to generate you PLC module, change the font size on displayed texts, and regenerate your PLC module, normally texts on the header should be larger.

That said, it will not affect text sizes of terminal numbers... (our bad!)

To change those, follow these steps:

- Click on the terminal block to selected if (as if you wanted to move it around)


- Click the'Open block' button in the 'Home' tab.


- Apply the desired modifications to the texts.

- Close and save.

At this point, close SkyCAD and reopen it, and texts will be larger everywhere this terminl symbol is used (on all projects, on al generted PLC module blocks, etc...)

Let us know if this answer was more helpful!