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#1 file not opening


I have a file not opening and showing me the attached error

please advice what to do


SWe will need a ZIP of your environment...

Sorry about the inconveniences you are experiencing!  We'll do our best to get you back up and running as fast as possible!

Since you can not open SkyCAD, you can not make a package of the project you are working on.  In this case, we will need you to make a ZIP file of you full environment, and attach it to a reply to this topic.  (Rest assured, only you and the SkyCAD staff will have access to this file...)

Once we have your environment, we'll be able to figure out what's going on, and fix the issue.

(This topic about backing-up your envrironment will give you information about where you're environment is located...)



im not able to upload the file, it says only pictures can


Use the 'SkyCAD File' section.

It is because you are attempting to attach your ZIP file using the 'Image' section.  Use the 'SkyCAD File' section right under it, and it should work.


enen with file section im not

enen with file section im not able to upload. attached message FYI

The file im trying to upload a winzip file


Your file is a .rar file, thus is not accepted as an upload possibility.  It must be a .zip file.



here you go

here you go

Ah! Good.

Ok, thanks.  What is the project name you were working on when you couldn't open SkyCAD anymore?


I did add the file to the zip

I did add the file to the zip file 

SkyCAD\SkyCAD Environments\P2 Puller Emergency Stops

Thanks for the info!

Ok, thanks.

We'll get back to you shortly about the issue.

Thanks for your patience!

Question about your project...

We were able to open the project, but we are not sure if some elements might have been lost.  How many sheets did it have before it crahsed on you?  We can currentlt see only three, numbered '32', '7' and '2' (in that order...)

Does this sound right to you?

Its only 32 qand 7, i dont

Its only 32 qand 7, i dont have 2.

What shall i do now ?

Thanks ... appreciate

Ok thanks...

Ok, we just wanted to know if such pages made sense.

The project obviously has some corruption issues, and we wanted to know if many pages were lost.  It seems not so this is good news.  There seem to be some issues with the connections and we will attempt to fix it, although we can't promise anything for now.

We'll get back to you shorty.


I'm afraid it is beyond repairs...

I'm afraid your project is beyond repairs.  We've attached a screen shot of page 32 as it shows in SkyCAD.  Most coordinates of connections are faulty.  Chances are there are other values that are wrong, and are bound to cause futur issues.

Unfortunately, we have no solution for you other than tp redo the project.  

What might have caused this eludes us for now...