Extra Terminals when Bridging Grounds

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#1 Extra Terminals when Bridging Grounds


I'm struggling to make ground terminals show in the layout view as I'd like, and any help would be great!

What I'm doing:

  1. Connect a ground terminal to a block generator component using a ground connection.
  2. Repeat on a different component (I've attached a picture of my schematic below).
  3. Go to the terminal strip "Single Level View."
  4. Bridge the two terminals.
  5. Click "Resolve Connectivity."
  6. SkyCAD puts both wires on the same terminal (what we want), but leaves the unused terminal in the list. The schematic view still shows one terminal as "TB3-11" and one as "TB3-12". (I've attached the terminal view).
  7. Delete the empty terminal.
  8. SkyCAD deletes the terminal, disconnects the one wire from the terminal above (NS1-3) and removes the terminal from the schematic.

I don't want it to delete the schematic terminal, and I don't really know why it is. My goal is to have both NS1-3 and HMI1-3 connected to the same terminal, which will be a ground terminal with the clamp/jumper physically grounding to the DIN rail.


Thanks a lot!


We've contacted you by email.

Please take note we've contacted you by email with regards to this.




I am running into similar issues on version - could the SkyCAD team share the solution?




We've contacted you by email.

Please take note we also contacted you through email.

For Future Readers...

One of the big advantages of an online forum is that future readers with the same issue can find how to fix the problem without contacting tech support (which, BTW, is excellent)!


Alain from SkyCAD emailed me and told me that what I'm trying to do with the ground terminals isn't possible in the current version, but he signed me up for the beta version, which has improved distribution terminal functionality.


This fixed the problem, and I'm currently running version with no ground terminal issues.





That issue is fixed in 1.2

That issue is fixed in 1.2.192?

Hmmm looks like we can now bridge ground terminals.


Is this the idea? (Just want to confirm I am correct)

Ground distribution terminals

Is this the idea?

Not exactly.  It was always possible to bridge ground terminals.  What was not supplied were ground distribution terminals (where two ground terminal symbols can be associated to a single physical terminal.)

We will include those symbols in our next release.

Ooooh Ok

Ooooh Ok